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Bepo is a Brasilian company with more than 35 years in the automotive field which makes parts and accesories for trucks.

It has two modern factories with over 35.000 m2 of built area and up-to-date manufacturing technology, and is ISO9002 certified.

Bepo trademark leaders the MERCOSUR Market in trucks parts and accesories and distributes its products in the whole market.

Bepo is a familiar company whose best attributes are: quality, rapidity and efficiency and it cares also about human beings and environment.

The company has faced globalization with encouragement and determination. Bepo affronts the future by creating a solid structure, taking care of its collaborates, customers and suppliers and above all of its products.

Bepo has a modern and large set of equipements and machines that guarantee the best quality standards.

SIA was founded in orther to enter succesfully into the European Market. Its main pourpose was to supply it in a direct way. It s for this reason that SIA settled in Spain, in the industrial estate "Centrovia", in La Muela, Zaragoza, a strategic place for distribution in Spain and Europe.

The industrial unit has 1200 m2 that are used as store, sales office, administration and technical support.

SIA, S.L. offers a great variety of accesories for the automotive field. The ecologic air conditioning BEPO ADVANCE, stands out among them not only because it`s ISO9002 certified but also because it has the EC homologation.

Among the accesories BEPO offers stainless steel hubcaps, protective gridiron, carpets, and cleaning products, air horns, leaks and other products.BEPO also distributes the SUPER AIR tyre gauge, which provides a higher safety against punctures and informs the driver permanently about tyre state.

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